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Crookham Sweet Corn Boom!

BOOM! begins the season early and strong with great emergence and allows one to get an early jump on your processing season. It has a slender .75" (2cm) cob with the total ear girth being 1.9 to 2" (5cm) and a 16 - 20 row count, which translates into deep kernels at a .40" - .47" depth (11.5 - 13 mm). The ear itself has good husk protection and great flags for husking. Boom also has better NCLB than the competition.

Genotype: SU1
Color: Yellow
Ear Length: 8.0"-8.5"
Ear Diameter: 2.0"
Ear Height: 28"
Number of Rows: 16-20
Plant Height: 75"
Days To Maturity: 70
Crookham Sweet Corn CSUYP14-879

CSUYP14-879 has proven itself worldwide as a highly adaptable and strong plant that has consistent yield and recovery. This strong plant stands well, has good flavor, and has a solid disease package. 

Genotype: SU1
Color: Yellow
Ear Length: 8.5"
Ear Diameter: 2.25"
Ear Height: 30"
Number of Rows: 18-22
Plant Height: 78"
Days To Maturity: 84
Crookham Sweet Corn Daytona

Daytona is a robust plant that displays better resistance to Northern Corn Leaf Blight than the competition. The average kernel depth for this variety is between 0.45" - 0.52". The ear has wonderful husk coverage and good flag leaves for husking.

Genotype: SU1
Color: Yellow
Ear Length: 8.5"-9.0"
Ear Diameter: 2.2"
Ear Height: 24"
Number of Rows: 18-20
Plant Height: 72"
Days To Maturity: 75
Crookham Sweet Corn Stud

As the name indicates, this hybrid is a performer. Stud has very good agronomics with excellent yield potential and a strong disease package. Solid and rugged plant health makes this variety a consistent producer. It also has an appealing white color and kernels that are pleasing in looks and in taste.

Genotype: SU1
Color: White
Ear Length: 9.5"
Ear Diameter: 1.9"
Ear Height: 37"
Number of Rows: 16-18
Plant Height: 108"
Days To Maturity: 84
Crookham Sweet Corn Tamarack

Tamarack is one of Crookham’s most dependable and rugged varieties. It is a consistent producer, has a very good disease package, is widely adaptable, and has a rugged and sturdy plant. This stalwart variety also delivers a high-quality su1 crispness and taste for its season.

Genotype: SU1
Color: Yellow
Ear Length: 8.5"
Ear Diameter: 2.0"
Ear Height: 30"
Number of Rows: 20-22
Plant Height: 89"
Days To Maturity: 84
CR: HR - Rp1-G and Rp1-D
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