The New sh2i Seed

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sh2i Seed from Crookham Company Sweet Corn

It has been 20 years since Crookham began the introgression of the naturally occurring sh2i shrunken sweet corn into our portfolio. We needed to get the technology right first and once accomplished went beyond our lab results and worked with growers in regional and international trials before bringing it to the market. Having done our homework, Crookham Company is proud to bring the sh2i seeds to the market for 2024. (Click for printable PDF)

The sh2i Series has an advantage over sh2 seed in the level of activity and performance of the seed during germination, and more potential for rapid uniform emergence and development of normal seedlings under a wide range of field conditions.

The sh2i seed is plump and does not have the jagged edges of normal sh2 seed. This accounts for approximately 28% difference in weight from the standard shrunken seed. That means improved flowability and plant ability for the grower, less skips and fewer doubles.

You can also see the difference in isongenic comparisons tests: sh2i = Better Germination

Warm Test:  sh2 = 89%    sh2i = 94%        

Cold Test:    sh2 = 88%     sh2i = 94%          

Soil Test:      sh2 = 86%     sh2i = 98%             

Sand Test:   sh2 = 86%     sh2i = 94%

The good news for fans of the Nirvana Series is that most of these varities have the sh2i gene (Click here for sh2i list)

What does this mean for the grower and producer? Reliability in seed availability, emergence, vigor, ease of harvest, and eating quality. It also means Repeatability in that you will generally see these same results, season to season, year to year with the added vigor of the sh2i gene. 

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