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Crookham Sweet Corn Kristine

Kristine is a large, mid-season synergistic. The added sweetness makes this hybrid overflow with flavor. The ears are cylindrical and very well filled with nice rowing. Excellent vigor and husk protection are two more pluses for this variety.

Genotype: Synergistic
Color: Bi Color
Ear Length: 8.5" - 22cm
Ear Diameter: 1.9" - 5cm
Ear Height: 16" - 41cm
Number of Rows: 16-18
Plant Height: 75" - 191cm
Days To Maturity: 80
Crookham Company Sweet Corn Seed Quick Start
Quick Start
Genotype: Synergistic
Color: Bi Color
Ear Length: 8" (20.4 cm)
Ear Diameter: 1.8" (5 cm)
Ear Height: 22" (55 cm)
Number of Rows: 16
Plant Height: 74" (188 cm)
Days To Maturity: 68
Crookham Sweet Corn Sweetness

Sweetness begins with excellent emergence and vigor and continues its season with a sturdy plant that produces a nice ear with solid tip fill. Sweetness also has a protective package that makes a nice presentation for the consumer. The eating quality stands out as one of the best for the season. 

Intermediate Resistance: Common Rust, Stewart’s Wilt, Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Genotype: Synergistic
Color: Bi Color
Ear Length: 8.0" - 20cm
Ear Diameter: 1.8" - 5cm
Ear Height: 18" - 46cm
Number of Rows: 14-16
Plant Height: 72" - 183cm
Days To Maturity: 68
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