Novelty Corn

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Crookham Novelty Corn Carousel

CAROUSEL is an open-pollinated variety that produces 3 1/2 inch long miniature ears of popcorn. Some ears are solid red, the others are multicolored: white, yellow, and blue. When popped the flakes are crispy with very little hull. Plants are up to eight feet tall with two or three ears per plant.

Fiesta Novelty Ornamental Popcorn Crookham Company

FIESTA is a hybridized selection of Indian corn with various tones of blue, red, yellow, and white. Approximate maturity is 100 days which is 10 to 14 days earlier than other ornamental corns. Ears average 7 to 10 inches in length with 50 to 70% purple husks. Over the years Crookham’s popcorn breeders have boosted the expressive colors in the kernels and furthered the agronomics while keeping Fiesta’s uniformity intact. Disease Resistance/Tolerance: Intermediate resistance to common corn diseases

Crookham Novelty Corn Strawberry

STRAWBERRY is a unique open-pollinated variety that produces small strawberry-shaped ears only 2 inches long. Plants produce several tillers that often have ears. The color is burgundy and the corn pops into a white flake.

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