Long Day Onion Show 2018

Join Crookham Company for their long day onion trial in Wilder Idaho on August 27 from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Crookham will be showcasing some new varieties that have been undergoing rigorous trials in the Northwest, Northern California and in the Northeast over the past several years. Crookham's long day onion breeder, Dave Whitwood and the company's short day onion breeder, Filippo Rimi will be there to answer any questions about their programs and product development. This next generation of Crookham onions showcases better disease resistance and higher thrip tolerance to produce better bulbs and yield. Photo description: Onion breeder Dave Whitwood with Crookham's new 08-105 in Pasco Washington trial in 2016 For information please contact Crookham: Aaron Trent at (208)954-7141 Champion Idaho: Danny Gabiola Champion Washington: Cory Marshburn http://www.championseed.com/index.php?/site/contact_us Gownan Idaho and Washington: Gowan Idaho: Casey Crookham 1 (208) 841-9702 Gowan Washington: WA Steve Graton 1 (509) 531-7254 http://www.gowanco.com/about-gowan/our-companies Logan Zenner Idaho: Gus Ambrosano Logan Zenner Washington: Jason Turner http://www.loganzenner.com/team/