Onion Show 2021 News

Submitted by kbc on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 15:44

Please join us for the 2021 Summer Onion Show on August 24 at 9:00 am in Wilder Idaho. We have two new hybrids to introduce to you and we will be touting our new umbel harvester. The new harvester will assist us in the efficiency of harvest and help keep costs in check, as our goal is to keep pricing in check for our customers. As we are the only US based and all US produced seed supplier in the industry, we are proud of our innovation and the company’s dedication to efficiency. The harvester has enabled us to stay timely and ensure a quality crop that will have impact for the growers that depend upon our locally grown intermediate and long day Crookham varieties.  

After years of Crookham’s rigorous research and development metrics, and then several years of grower testing; we have a consensus to move Epic (115-118) and Defender (118-120) into our commercial line up.

Epic: 115-118 day yellow onion for all irrigation methods but especially overhead. Very highly single centered. It boasts a strong root system that is resistant to both Pink Root and Fusarium.  Epic has a trim neck with upright foliage, the finished bulb has a rich bronze colored scale that is appealing for retail use. It can store long term, 6-8 months. Epic will be available exclusively through Gowan Seed Co.

Defender: 118-120 day yellow. Another versatile onion for use into any end market.  It is vigorous and very highly single centered. It has a great disease package with high resistance to Pink Root and Fusarium. Large size jumbo to colossal bulbs that have a rich dark color.  Very long-term storage capability, 6-8 mo.

Trident, Caldwell, and Caliber were introduced a few years back and these hybrids have expanded rapidly in the market and will also be on display at the trial.

Trident has wide adaptability in the West and in the Midwest and Eastern growing regions of the US.  It’s known for its trim neck, strong roots and sizing potential. After the wind events in March and April in Easter Idaho and Western Oregon, Trident was used as a successful replant.

Caldwell is a vigorous and sturdy variety that is easy to grow and it stalwart in many growing conditions. It is an efficient bulb that can be used in any market. Storage is good into late March and ringing efficiency is very high.

Caliber is a Celebrate brand and our late season variety. Its glossy foliage and strong vigor in both the root and the top give this variety a real advantage over the competitors. Its long-term storage also lends well to the versatility growers need in their programs. Please see the long-term storage report in the grower handout from the February Idaho and Malheur County grower association.

As always, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the growers who rely upon our Crookham products not only in Onions but Sweet Corn.  We are also grateful to our dealer partners Gowan, Seedway and TS&L for their continued dedication to our products.  To our seed growers throughout the Treasure Valley and beyond, thank you for your effort and dedication and another productive partnership. Crookham also wishes everyone a safe and bountiful harvest. 

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