The Adaptability and Agility of the Long Day Onions

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Defender Crookham Long Day Onion Seed

The long day varieties of Caldwell, Caliber, Defender, Epic, and Trident are on the move. This long day line up continues to be a favorite of growers and is gaining traction is the midwest and northeast. Four out of ten of these varities is on the processor approved list. (Trident, Caldwell, Defender and Caliber) Crookham strives to bring value to every step of the produce chain and these adaptable and agile varieties are solid business partners in their emergence, vigor and stamina through the growing season. Each hybrid has attributes that allow a grower to navigate through the markets and seasons with a level of agility.    

Trident (Click here for more info)

Crookham Company Trident Long Day Onion Seed

Epic (Click here for more info)

Crookham Company Epic Long Day Onion Seed

Caldwell (Click here for more info)

Crookham Company Caldwell Long Day Onion Seed

Defender (Click here for more info) 

Crookham Company Defender Long Day Onion Seed

Caliber (Click here for more info)

Crookham Company Caliber Long Day Onion Seed



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