The Class of 1925 and Joe Albertson

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George Crookham Jr. and  Joe Albertson (the founder of Albertson’s grocery stores) were in the Caldwell High School class of 1925 in Caldwell Idaho.  Joe used to work at Crookham Company after school shelling popcorn with George and Frank Crookham. His yearbook quote was, “It will be a bright old world someday, but it’s all wrong now.” Joe’s generation had been through World War I. This ended in 1918 but the Spanish Flu epidemic started that same year. In one Caldwell area, they lost one in seven of their neighbors. In years to come, this generation would come to be known as the greatest generation for their resolve in facing the Great Depression and courage in World War II. Joe was right about the “bright world” - especially for his future. Here’s celebrating all Caldwell graduates, past and present!

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