Long Day Onion Storage Review December 2020

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In late December Onion Breeder Dave Whitwood and Onion Salesman Lyndon Johnson were checking up on the Crookham storage of the 2020 reveal trial that was grown on the Crookham farm in Wilder ID. The following comments and accompanying videos are some of the highlights from the day.


This variety was originally brought out as an onion for the Midwest and the Northeastern US markets. With its early main season maturity and trim neck, durable scales, and ability for long term storage it is a great fit for these two markets. Over the last couple of years, it has shown more adaptability in its use as a food service and processing onion in the West and Northwest, with 97% single centers it boasts a consistent size range, with 87% sizing between 3 ¼”- 4” on a recent trial in OR. Trident has shown great adaptability and versatility to all three markets.


This late season yellow variety is suited for the Western US. It is known for its vigor and disease resistance, yield and long-term storage. Caliber is in the Crookham Celebrate series and has erect glossy tops that assist in providing thrip tolerance through the season. Caliber has a dark rich bronze scale that is extremely durable. Single centers are extremely high in Calber This variety can grow and excel on older soils and has a higher bolt tolerance than others in this class.


This variety born in Caldwell Idaho is a main season long day yellow that is known for its vigor and yield. It has performed very well in the Western US over the past couple of years and is known for its ring separation and flexibility leading to greater efficiency at the processor with reduced hand labor.  It produces a large globe onion that has a rich bronze color and demonstrates very high single centeredness.  The plant has a solid structure with a refined neck, a robust root system and a good disease package.

As always, Crookham would like to thank all our customers for their continued interest in our products. If there are any questions, please feel free to direct them to Lyndon Johnson at lyndonj@crookham.com or call (208)369-3390. 

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