2018 Onion Show Re-Cap

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 08/28/2018 - 10:25

Thanks to everyone who came out to Crookham's 2018 Onion show. It was great to hear your growing experiences with our hybrids and to show you what we have come around the corner. Oracle, Scout, Red Beret, and White Cap came out with high marks from Growers. Crookham's new hybrids are in the queue to be named shortly but have earned the nickname of "bulletproof" in trials over the last several years. Of these "bulletproof" hybrids OLYS11-162, OLYS08-105, and OLYX11-189 have gained attention in trials throughout the Treasure Valley and Pacific Northwest and Crookham Company are in the process of naming these items.

Onion Business News has a great report on the 2018 Crookham Onion Show here: http://onionbusiness.com/crookham-onion-field-trials-show-good-results/

Crookham's 2018 Onion Show image, wide


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