The Augmented Hybrids

The Game Changers: the Augmented Hybrids

Crookham Company was established in 1911 with a focus on innovation. The company has emerged to hold the largest sweet corn seed bank in the world. In the 1970s Bill Crookham began a daunting program where advanced varieties were taste tested. This program was handed to George Crookham in the 1990s and it has emerged into what is now called the Augmented series of sweet corn. The Augmented Sweet Corns attract customers with its high quality taste and a burst in the bite, while also being a favorite with growers for its solid agronomics. The full series of Augmented hybrids will take you from early to main season, beginning with Solstice, Euphoria, Nirvana, and Eden. Yellowstone and Everglades were developed in junction with the University of Florida and do well in this region. All varieties have a quick snap that makes for an easy harvest. Crookham Company invites you to talk to your seed distributor or our sweet corn specialist about how these items might add value and advance your sweet corn program.