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A Celebration 100 Years in the Making

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It took generations of research to bring you a new generation of onion. The Celebrate Onion trait is a new line of plant structure. These vigorous tall tops protect bulbs from too much direct sunlight, are well suited for applications and provide fewer hiding spots for thrips. You can see the difference in the Celebrate trait as it truly does stand out in the field.

High Expansion

For years Crookham’s High Expansion varieties have been proven winners in expansion, taste and popability, and are known for their agro-economic qualities of high yield and dependability. Our high expansion items keep these Robust traits while raising the bar on the inflation of flakes.


These beautiful and colorful heirloom varieties are bred with four main objectives:

  1. To have a light nutty flavor
  2. To have a light and crunchy texture with smaller hulls
  3. Whenever possible to have higher nutritional benefits, focusing on antioxidants
  4. To have a beautiful kernel that pops into a brilliant white flake
  5. As in all of Crookham Popcorns, to have consistent pop-ability


The Augmented trait is a crowning achievement for Crookham Company. Nothing compares to the bite which explodes with flavor. This family of sweet corn merges vigor and emergence with exceptional taste and texture.