Crookham in Action

Oracle Onions take root in Chile

Crookham onions continue to trial well in South America. Of note this year was the Celebrate Onion, Oracle. This high yeilding Spanish hybrid has the vigorous and glossy Celebrate tops and a high percentage of single centers. Its also an excellent choice for mechanical harvesting and long term storage. All of these traits make Oracle a grower friendly variety.

Meet the Reds

Meet the long day reds from Crookham Company: Red Devil, Purple Haze and Red Beret. These hybrids have proven to be grower friendly on several levels. They are consistent in bulb size, high yielding, hold up well with mechanical harvesting and are known for their long storage characteristics. In addition, these varieties have a deep rich color with distinct rings to please the grocer, processor or consumer. Crookham Company works closely with growers in several areas to develop effective and efficient answers to the Grower’s needs. 

New Milestone in Popcorn Expansion

Dennis Demshar, Popcorn Breeder at Crookham Company, has been tracking a new experimental hybrid this past winter. Dennis commented on the new item saying, "We were excited about this hybrid as it has consistently tested between 57 and 58 MWVT. This is a new milestone for Crookham Company and for the industry. We will continue our testing, on several levels, to ensure it meets our quality standards across the board."